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Jodo Shinshu Center, Berkeley, CA

There are many sources to help you further your understanding of Buddhism:

  • Center for Buddhist Education
    • Seminars, retreats and services cover various subjects throughout each year.
    • Programs cover training for:
      • Dharma School teachers
      • Youth Activities
      • Ministers assistants
      • Ministers Orientation
      • Continuing education for Ministers
    • Center for Buddhist Education YouTube Channel
  • BCA Bookstore
    • The BCA Bookstore at the Jodo Shinshu Center offers books and religious implements for sale in-store and online.
  • Institute of Buddhist Studies
    • The Institue of Buddhist Studies (IBS) provides graduate degree programs in Buddhism for ministry and chaplaincy as well as other certificate programs. Online courses as well as residency courses are offered.  Programs and courses for increasing your understanding of Buddhism are also offered.
    • Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course
      • An online two-year correspondence course covering General Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism.
    • Ministers Assistant Program
      • Certification program for ministers assistants.
  • Ryukoku University
    • Ryukoku University, Hongwanji-ha’s University in Kyoto, Japan, maintains facilities at the JSC to provide training for their university students.


  • Dharma Center Nishi Hongwanji, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
    • Classes, seminars, and workshops in General Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism for those who are new to the Buddhist concepts.
    • Continuing education for those already following the path of the Buddha-Dharma.
  • Buddhist Education Center Orange County Buddhist Church, Anaheim, CA
  • SFVHBT Dharma Discussions
    • Informal sessions in which participants are encouraged to ask questions or suggest topics for discussion. Anyone interested in learning about the Buddha-dharma (the Buddhist teachings) is welcome to attend.
    • Held on Saturdays at 9:30am throughout the year. Check our Calendar for upcoming sessions.



Many temples publish newsletters containing Dharma messages and updates, which are also available on their websites. Reverend Usuki’s messages appear on our Minister’s Message page. Following is a selection of Dharma messages with links to newsletter archives:


The Dana Program is an easy and direct way to support all the activities of the Buddhist Churches of America. Through a single or recurring donation, you can support the BCA’s temples, ministers, educational programs, the Center for Buddhist Education, the Institute of Buddhist Studies, the Bishop’s Office, as well as outreach events and programs. Also, you can choose to send 50% of your donation to a local temple/church of your choice. Your Dana offering through this program will go to the areas of most need, and the BCA will create an annual report on how your donations were utilized.

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