Organizations and Activities

Dharma School

Dharma Discussion Group

Anyone interested in learning about the Buddha-dharma (the Buddhist teachings) is welcome to attend study sessions on Saturday mornings or Sundays after regular services. The sessions are informal, and participants are encouraged to ask questions or suggest topics for discussion. Dates and times are subject to change, so please check the Calendar page regularly for the latest schedule of Dharma Discussion sessions.

Sangha Teens

Sangha Teens provides social camaraderie and Buddhist educa­tion for teenagers in the 6th-8th grades. The teens meet once a month and are involved in activities such as Buddhist education workshops, fundraising and service events, and district-wide San­gha Teens events. Each year varies depending on the decisions made by the teens and parents. The goal of Sangha Teens is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where the teens can learn more about themselves and Buddhism.

Junior Young Buddhists’ Association

Jr. YBA is a temple organization for high school teenagers (9th-12th graders) and first-year college students. Along with learning more about Jodo Shin Buddhism, the group is involved in many activities, including seminars, religious workshops, conferences, service projects, and sport events. Some of these activities are held with Jr. YBA groups at other temples in Southern District, which enables the teens to interact and develop relationships with many other youths.

YBA groups are led by the youth members themselves, with adult advisors to guide and direct them. The teens take leader­ship positions, plan activities, conduct meetings, and attend a variety of events. They also contribute to ongoing temple activities and attend religious workshops with our minister.

Buddhist Women’s Association (BWA)

All women temple members are welcome to join and participate in BWA. The group meets once a month on a Saturday, holding a service before the meeting. They take part in many activities and events. BWA members are invited to register and attend district, national, and international conferences, where they are able to listen to, discuss, and share the dharma with others from throughout Southern California, the U.S., or the world.

BWA offers Scholarship funding through the Dana and establishment of the late Reverend Seitetsu Fujiwara and the BWA Scholarship Fund. They are given to Temple youth members or group use to attend religious seminars, retreats, conferences or for furthering studies in Buddhism, to promote an understanding of Jodo Shinshu teaching and hear the Dharma.

Temple Toban

Temple members are assigned to one of three Toban (Duty) groups, named Lotus, Orchid, and Wisteria. The Toban group members help with services and activities during their Toban’s on-duty month. Groups are rotated monthly, so each group has duties every three months.

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